Home Education Support

Home Education Support

Providing education at home (whether homeschooling or supporting a child's distance learning) has so many factors at play, including: 
- educational approach and goals 
 - willingness and agreements 
- structure and routine mixed with freedom and flexibility 
- fun and frustration 
... not to mention our emotional interactions and relationship with our child(ren). There can be a lot to hold as a parent. And the children are experiencing a lot too. 

I provide sessions that give parents a chance to slow down and unravel what education truly means for the goals and growth of a person. The answers are unique for each family. There are many layers to unpack, from cultural expectations to family history- and the expectations and judgements they can create. Ultimately, this work will explore what is most important to the process of learning, both for the child and the parent. 

This is also a space to look at family relationships, co-regulation, communication and discuss family agreements (see the Family Support page) all of which play a significant role in education at home. Of course, empathy and validation are a big part of the process. 

 In a session, I help parents to explore: 
- which goals are serving the child's education most 
- their child’s relationship to learning 
- their child’s self directed learning 
- how the parent’s own educational experience might impact their approach and the experience 
- how their judgements and concerns may be impacting their child’s education 

 I do not encourage one approach. I have many lenses that we can use. Each family’s goals and needs are what steer the session. 

Scheduling and Payment: Please contact me to schedule a session or ask questions ( or 607.227.8427). See the Contact page for more details.  2 hour sessions (105 min) are offered and are sometimes helpful when meeting as a whole family.