Travis Wanner, SEP

My work with clients is most influenced by the loving support and healing that I have received over the years as I navigate being a primary parent, a partner and a homeschooling parent. We are not meant to do this alone.

Below are the trainings that influence my work most:

 - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner: The whole body is involved in how we respond to safety and threat. When we listen to the body, we can connect to what is being held in the nervous system, particularly around a traumatic event or difficult childhood experience that is impacting how we navigate our daily life. SE helps us understand the nervous system, various ways trauma can become stuck in the sytem and various approaches for freeing up that stuck energy. I completed the 3 year Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training in 2022. 

 - Early Childhood Trauma/ Pre and Perinatal Trauma: Our early experiences of life actually have a significant affect on our daily lives and perception of life. This is when we learned how to relate to other people, when we developed our attachment. This is *foundational* work that touches almost all other aspects of our life - we are relational creatures and that is when we first learned how to relate to others (to trust, to reach, to pull back, to feel safe or unsafe with others). I am currently taking the Castellino Foundation Training in pre and perinatal (PPN) trauma, taught by Tara Blasco and Mary Jackson (a 2.5 year training). 
I have also attended a number of PPN workshops ( called Birth Process Workshops) to uncover and integrate my own challenges from this time, as well as better understand its influence on the nervous system and my perception of the world (facilitators have included Tara Blasco, Myrna Martin, Janet Evergreen, Zakira Beasley and Kirby Moore). 
And I have taken the Castellino Sequeucing Workshop to expore how early experiences can impact our perception and behavior in daily life. 

 - Breathwork: learning to use the breath as an integral tool for resourcing and interacting with the Autonomic Nervous System through the Therapeutic Applications of the Breath training with Alicia Barmon . (participant & assistant, 2021-2022) 

 - Inner Child Work: a profound 6 week class with Robin Grille, teaching how to facilitate the Inner Child Process (2022). 

 - Nonviolent Communication: studying and practicing NonViolent Communication with Family Heart Camp West Virginia (as a participant and volunteer staff member) and training with the Parent Peer Leadership Program (2015-2016). 

 - Men's Work: participating in and facilitating mens work through the Mankind Project since 2012. 

And this list would not be complete without mentioning my wife, Alicia Barmon , a psychotherapist, yoga therapist, breathwork teacher and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner who has taught me so much by welcoming my wounds and struggles as an opportunity to heal and lean deeper into life. 

I have provided home education since 2011 and taught many classes at a local educational cooperative. I have a Master's in Music from Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, a Bachelors of Arts from Colgate University and worked for a number of years in institutional avancement for higher education and non-profit organizations. I also had a local farm business for six years in Frederick, MD.  I completed the Permaculture Certification in 2011 and have found it very impactful in all my work.

Here  is a link to my resume.

Inalienable Healing is a reminder that the capacity to heal has always been within us and can never be taken away. Our system is designed to move back to health and a vibrant experience of life. There are many ways that our sense of self, safety and empowerment can become locked, muted or seem practically inaccessible. I chose this name to remind me that the amazing living organism in is each of us, is seeking to unfold and heal. I have especially seen this in my own healing with Somatic Experiencing, pre and perinatal healing and Craniosacral work. Our nervous system will show us what is ready to be seen, held and healed if it is given a safe, intentional place with plenty of time, space and support to stretch out it’s amazing complex wisdom. Pieces of what seem indigestible can be freed and integrated, creating a new relationship to life that is more alive in the present.